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In a profile, less is NOT more. The more details the better. Think of your profile as a movie trailer. The goal is to catch someone’s curiosity. Give enough information to draw people in, without telling the whole story. Some mystery is always good.


Tips for finding love online throught Perfect Match

Searching for love online at PerfectMatch.

It’s important to be specific about what type of person you seem to work well with. For example, if you were involved with someone who was hard to communicate with, then you may want to mention in your profile that good communication skills are necessary.


The best way to attract people, who share common values, is to make your preferences known. If you’re clear about what you want in a relationship and a mate before you begin writing, your needs will come through in your profile.


One major way to find success through is to write a profile that truly represents you. Remember it’s not about drawing quantity; it’s about finding someone who is authentically attracted to YOU.


Chances are, the first thing someone will notice is your headline. This is an excellent opportunity to show your true wit, creativity, and personality. Express yourself; be spontaneous, brave, bold, use your favorite quote or a song lyric. This is your opportunity to be imaginative and convey a key aspect of YOU.


A positive profile is much more approachable and will encourage others to respond. Why focus on what you’re not? Be proud of who you are!


Poor grammar and spelling within your profile can be a major turn-off. To assist you, we’ve made it easy for you to check your spelling by building into a spell checking tool. This allows you to check your grammar and spelling before posting or updating your profile. And, another tip: Avoid abbreviations and pay attention to incomplete or run-on sentences.


When detailing what you want, be careful not to get too specific. When you get into height, weight, and other “vital stat” requirements, try not to limit yourself and be as open as you can. Unless you’re completely opposed, “No preference” gives you the most flexibility in finding a match. Don’t be afraid to search beyond your preferred mileage range.


Did you know profiles with photos are up to TEN TIMES more likely to get responses than profiles without photos? Here are some quick hints to keep in mind:

  • Smile! It’s well worth it to have someone take a recent photo of you when you’re at your happiest and most relaxed. Remember a picture truly speaks a thousand words.
  • Lighting is important. Don’t hide behind dark sunglasses or in a picture that’s hard to really see what you look like. People want to see who they are emailing.
  • Your photo should say something about you and only you. For example, a picture of you with your arm around someone does not send the message you’re available. Posting an photo that includes a child, a cat, a dog, a friend or a group of friends may detract from the key point: YOU. Utilizing PerfectMatch’s profile section gives you the opportunity to talk about your passions, your interests, your family or your friends.


After you’ve exchanged numerous communications via, pick up the phone and talk (and talk and talk!). Being comfortable will make all the difference in the world!

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  1. Nadia Gara says:

    I do agree, in my opinion, when you are talking about online dating services the first impression is very important. And in this case the your profile speaks for you and you have to be very careful while filling up your profile.

  2. stella says:

    loved your tips will definitely try to implement it to make online dating perfect

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