Is It Time to Take Your Online Romance Offline?

| April 9, 2013 | 1 Comment

Here are some questions to think about before you take your online romance into the real world.

Finding a compatible partner on PerfectMatch is just the first step to online dating.

Are you ready to meet in person?

Who initiated the online discussion? Did you contact them or did they contact you? Be slightly more wary of someone who reached out to you first.

Who suggested meeting offline? If it was your idea, you’re good to go. If it was your partner, proceed with caution.

Who sends more messages? A healthy interaction is roughly 50/50, so check your past communications and see who is sending more messages. Keep in mind that some people are more prolific writers.

Do your profiles match? Re-read your prospective date’s profile and double check that they’re looking for the same kind of relationship and partner.

Where is the proposed venue, and who proposed it? Is it close to your house or your potential partner’s? Close to your home is good, but too close might be a red flag, especially if you were not the one to propose it. UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES DO NOT BRING SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW TO YOUR HOUSE, AND DO NOT MEET AT THEIR HOUSE. Come on people, this is just common sense.

What initiated the offline idea? Review your messages and check specifically what made one of you suggest an offline date. One red flag may be if one of you suggests ending communication and the other counters with suggesting an offline meeting.

What’s your comfort level with this person? Honestly, this is the factor that makes a difference. Trust your instincts and feelings about this person, and make sure you’re taking everything into consideration. Be deliberate in your decision to meet someone in real life.

Are you sensing a theme here? Pay attention to what you’re thinking and feeling, and use common sense. If you’re feeling hesitant and are, for example, reading blogs for advice on the matter, perhaps you’re not as certain as you think.

If you do decide you’re ready to get together with someone you met online, don’t take unnecessary risks with your physical or emotional safety. It’s wonderful to follow your heart, but be sure to keep your head.

Good luck, and enjoy the adventure!

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  1. Diane Bork says:

    Excellent advice about physical and emotional safety.

    Tell your family and friends where you are meeting up and make sure you bring your cellphone with you and it’s charged up.
    I always used to make sure I had enough money with me for a taxi, just in case.

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